Ko Kaiden

Oboe, Clarinet Repair and Restoration Expert                                   Flute, Bassoon Repair Technician

Offering World Class Expertise with 24 years of Experience

Repairing Instruments of New York City’s Top Musicians                        and Michigan/ Ohio Professionals

-By Appointment Only-

Same-Day and Emergency Late Night Repair Available

9357 General Drive Suite 111, Plymouth, MI 48170

917-596-0287 (cell) call or text


Normal Repair $75/hour

Emergency Repair -8pm or later drop-off $90/hour

Check-Up and Cleaning Plan $75/hour

Procedure Description:

•All keys are removed and old oil and dust is cleaned off

•Pads and key corks are examined to see if they need to be replaced.

•Octave vents are removed to be cleaned and oiled (oboe/English horn)

•Instrument body is carefully examined for cracks

•Instrument is completely cleaned

•All tone holes are cleaned and oiled

•Edges of the tone holes are repaired is any small nicks are found

•Bore is oiled upon request

•Key balance is adjusted

•Oboe d’amore, Bass clarinet, bassoon and other instrument prices available on request

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