Shannon Orme (Bass Clarinet: Detroit Symphony) “Ko is the most experienced and reliable source for woodwind repair in the Metro Detroit area.  He’s especially gifted with the intricate mechanics of the bass clarinet including pad seating, key alignment and voicing.  My clarinets always play effortlessly after my visits to Ko’s shop and his work lasts!  I highly recommend any clarinetist in the Michigan to use Ko for their instrument repair needs!”

Kimberly Bryden Loch (Principal Oboe: Toledo Symphony) “I am thrilled to have Ko Kaiden in my vicinity!   I have taken all of my oboes to him and am very impressed with his work!    He is quite skilled with meticulous adjustments and balancing as well as crack and emergency repair.  I totally trust him with my instruments and highly recommend him to my students as well!”

Kristin Reynolds (Oboe Professor: Eastern Michigan University, English horn: Toledo Symphony, Oboe/English horn: Ann Arbor Symphony) “We are so blessed to have Ko Kaiden in our community. Ko is a terrific instrument repair specialist who does excellent work. He has been able to help modify instruments/key work for some of my students with special needs – always having a creative solution to suggest. I have invited Ko come to Eastern Michigan University several times to give seminars on instrument care, adjustment, and repair for my students, and he is a terrific teacher as well. We are all lucky to have Ko in our community!”

Scott Armstrong (Detroit-Area Freelance Bassoonist) “Ko is an outstanding woodwind technician. He quickly diagnosed the problem with my contrabassoon and repaired it perfectly.  I will go to Ko for all of my bassoon and contrabassoon repair needs.”

Stephanie Shapiro (Oboe/English Horn Adjunct Faculty: Wayne State University) “Ko Kaiden is a wonderful asset to the music community! He is knowledgeable, skilled, and understands the needs of the panicked musician. Thank you, Ko, for all that you do!!”

Michele Tosser Smith (Oboe/English Horn Toledo Symphony Orchestra) ”Ko is a wonderful Oboe and English horn repair specialist. He provides extremely high quality workmanship. As a professional who needs things fixed in a timely manner, I know I can always count on Ko to get the job done perfectly and in my time frame. Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan are fortunate to have a double reed specialist!”

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